Anima Animus

Jung and The Tarot - Part V - ANIMA AND ANIMUS

Anima and Animus defined by Car Jung In Carl Jung’s school of analytical psychology, there are two primary human archetypes of the unconscious mind.  The anima and animus are described by Jung as elements of the collective unconscious.…

Jung and The Tarot - Part IV - ARCHETYPES

History of Archetypes Carl Jung did not invent the theory of Archetypes.  That acclaim goes back to Plato. Plato theorized that non-physical, but substantial forms (or ideas) were imprinted in the soul before it was born into the world.…
Four Functions

Jung and The Tarot - Part III - THE FOUR EGO FUNCTIONS

The Four Ego Functions Jung classified people by the way they  perceived and interpreted reality and the two ways they respond to it.  ego functions Jung categorized people as introverted and extroverted types. However, more importantly…

Jung and The Tarot - Part II - SYNCHRONICITY

  What is Synchronicity Jung coined the term ‘synchronicity’ to describe simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no apparent casual connection. In his book “Synchronicity: An Acausal…