Queen of Wands

Queen of WandsThe Most Social Queen

The QUEEN OF WANDS is the most social of all the queens.  She can be the life of the party…. provided she WANTS to be.

The QUEEN OF WANDS has the world at her feet.  She is the queen of passions, ego, energy & charm.  She is nurturing of passions and desires.  This queen finds connection with others and shares openly of herself.  She is in constant need of attention – in a way as a means to emphasize her authority. The QUEEN OF WANDS is the very symbol of optimism: open to the light and closed to the darkness.

The queen is a social butterfly – she commands attention of others and can be dramatic and head-strong. In her anger, however, she is uncontrollable, viscous and destructive!

As a card of the week, the QUEEN OF WANDS calls us to find the nature and focus of our inner desires, yearnings and sensual selves. The Queen encourages us to immerse ourselves in our passions and to experience life to the fullest. She calls us to find inspiration in ourselves and others. She promotes independence and self expression.

Who will inspire you this week?

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