King of Wands

King of WandsThe King of Desire.

As the ruler of the suit of Wands, THE KING OF WANDS is the ultimate ruler of passion, drive, action, will, energy and ambition

THE KING OF WANDS is the most dynamic of all four kings of the Tarot.  His suit, the Wands is the suit of the element of fire, which is the closest to spirit, and, therefore, the furthest from manifestation and material matters.  As such, he is the source of infinite light and energy that can not be extinguished.

THE KING OF WANDS is the ultimate leader and role model. His ability is to detect one’s will & energy toward a particular goal. He is an entrepreneur and a self-starter; a visionary.  He represents wisdom, masculine energy, positivity and adventure. He makes a real difference in the world.

When THE KING OF WANDS comes up, a project or endeavor has reached a peak and is ready to have its results manifested in the world. You will most likely to have an abundance of energy, which you are inclined to use in a positive direction.  So GO FOR IT.  Remember: nothing ventured nothing gained.  But be careful: THE KING OF WANDS also carries a slight tendency to get a bit carried away & push too far too fast. Slow and steady will win the week!

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