QUEEN OF PENTACLES (Coins) – Reversed

Queen of Pentacles

Queen of PentaclesEnjoy What You Have


The Queen of Pentacles reversed is concerned that you may be becoming very consumed in your work.  Are you placing your career ahead of family and friends? If so, it may have a detrimental effect. The Queen of Pentacles reversed does not suggest that you ignore your work. On the contrary – she does encourage you to dive right into it when time calls.  However, at this particular moment, you may have dived a bit too deep. Perhaps you can’t see the surface above the deep waters.  To dilute the situation, The Queen of Pentacles reversed suggests that you find the time for your interests and hobbies. Find a way back to your favorite nature place (a beach, a forest or a mountain). Allow yourself to immerse in this old-familiar, natural energy.

The Queen of Pentacles reversed can suggest that you worry about your finances and being financially independent, You may be feeling that if you throw yourself into a career or a job, you may miss all the important moments with your family and friends. Alas, you can’t do everything and you need to make certain choices about what matters most to you.

Emotional Health

Also this week, you may find that you are becoming a bit of a couch-potato. You may be isolating yourself from others.  If that’s the case, you will need to to fight the urge to become one with the sofa. Reach out to your loved-ones, as they will be a great help and support to you.

At times, The Queen of Pentacles reversed hints that you may have a tendency to smother those you love. Even if it is not your intention. If that’s the case, you need to make an effort to take a step back and let others take a lead on their own lives. Let others be responsible for their own up-keep and accountable for their own mistakes.

Finally, The Queen of Pentacles reversed implies that you are investing too much time taking care of others.  You are not investing enough time in your own person.  If that’s the case, learn to delegate responsibilities, to allow yourself enough time to maintain a healthy and happy way of life.


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