SIX OF PENTACLES (Coins)- Reversed

Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles“A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.” – Jack London

The Six of Pentacles Reversed suggests a one-way street in terms of charity.  You may have lent money to a friend or did someone a favor.  However, in this case, do not expect money to be repaid or favor to be returned.  Or worse, you may actually expect to be repaid and never will be.  Keeping that in mind, be careful to whom you lend money this week, especially if you, yourself are in financial trouble.

While generosity is a great virtue, you need to make sure your re able to support yourself while helping others.  You may have a tendency to spend or give away more than you can afford.

Six of Pentacles

Be careful with the amount of debt that you get into. It is possible with the reversed Six of Pentacles that you are getting in over your head. It will soon come back to bite you in excessive interest rates or personal threats if you are unable to pay it back in time. Be wary, too, of ‘get rich quick’ schemes that are more likely to leave you with a hole in your pocket than a pile of cash.

The Six of Pentacles reversed sometimes reflects the selfish side of charity. In some cases, people give to others not for the benefit of the other but for the benefit of themselves. Be careful that you are not trying to prove to others that you are generous because you can give to the poor or the needy. Aim to give selflessly rather than selfishly.

Relationship on your mind this week? The Six of Pentacles Reversed suggests that one partner is doing a lot of the taking and not a lot of the giving. Thus he/she is creating a one-sided relationship.  You need to ensure that your generosity is not being take advantage of and that you are not always the one making sacrifices for your partner’s benefit.


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