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Marina is very kind and gives the information directly. She was able to describe details of events that no one else would have known. I was always skeptical about mediums,but Marina is the real deal. I will definitely be a returning customer!!

Sarah A.    Queens, NY   
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I saw Marina about six months ago for a Tarot Reading. She was very detailed and amazing. I am only writing the review now because it wasn't until now that all of her information hit home. I will be returning the next time I will need clarity in my life.

Rhonda M.    New York, NY   
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I've been interested in Tarot for 24 years and read largely for myself. Despite my years of practice, I lack confidence and frequently check the book for meanings. I yearn to move beyond that. I was hoping a quick course like this would help me look at the cards in a new way and it did exactly that. I feel like I have a new understanding of interpreting the cards rather than just memorizing and calling to mind what I had memorized (this method has never really worked for me). My only critique is that the course did not go into reversals at all. I would definitely like to know if I can employ similar mnemonics for reversed meanings. The instructor was knowledgeable and very easy to understand. I really enjoyed this course.

Erin Timmerman   
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Awesome reading. It was like a reunion with my family on the other side. Marina brought up things that only I would know to reassure me that they really are watching me in spirit. Thank you.

Jeff R.    Brooklyn, NY   
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As someone who's read more than a few paperbacks on tarot and always referred to them for doing readings, the system presented is so intuitive and easy to remember, I wish I knew about it back in the day when I was more heavily into doing them. 😀 Regardless, this is going to be some superb knowledge for both anyone starting to get into tarot and intermediate diviners who will find this system extremely handy!

Steve MacIntyre   
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I got a reading from Marina a few months ago when I was at a crossroads, dating someone overseas and not sure what to do. She told me (well I'm not going to divulge all info and sorted details) but she was 100% correct. On top of the correct reading she also told me when a great uncle also came through, some of the things I didn't believe but later asked a family member and everything checked out. I have gone to many many readings over the years and what makes her different is not only her accuracy but her friendly nature and willingness to want to help with the issue. She's also hilarious while doing it!

Keight G.    New York, NY   
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Im LOVING how she makes it sooo easy. Ive been interested in tarot for years & have studied it in snd off. Its usually just daunting because theres so much to memorize. She makes it so kuch more fun because theres less to memorize, its just a matter of putting it together. I love this!

Melissa Dormoy   
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I was a skeptic. My friend bought the reading for me because she thought I really needed it after my partner passed away in an accident. To my surprise, Marina was not only able to connect with my partner, but was so detailed in her reading that I ended up recommending her to my family and friends. I am no longer a skeptic.

Tom H.    Staten Island, NY   
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Not only did Marina bring about a family reunion for me as she channeled my loved ones on the other side, but she methodically clarified my current financial situation through the reading of the cards, and gave me guidance and direction, which turned out to be extremely accurate and useful. I am a fan!

Lisa L.    Manhattan, NY   
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Very well presented course. Lots of information for a beginner. Thorough. Then practise! I recommend this course in the Tarot.

Susan M. Barnes   
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I had been reading a book on Tarot that was rather confusing. This course broke things down and made it extremely easy to understand.

Marie Giarniero   
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Excellent class! I had always had an interest in tarot, but found it difficult to do readings without having to consult that little book or the internet all the time. I especially appreciate how it can be done with any tarot deck as opposed to other classes that make it a requirement to use a particular deck. Overall, I felt that this course was very comprehensive on how to read tarot. The title is true; take the class and you can learn tarot in a day. I was engaged the whole time. The instructor is great at breaking down the cards and reading them making it a fun experience as opposed to a drudgery. It's done in a manner that's more like a story instead of dealing with every single individual card. There are practices and quizzes to help reinforce what you learned that are super helpful too. I left feeling way more confident in my ability to read for myself and others. Definitely will be referring to the notes I took for this class as well as the practices. Highly recommended for beginners like me looking to jump into tarot reading. Totally worth it.

Brittany Williams   

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